Blackstone Steel, LLC

Blackstone Steel, LLC is based in CYPRESS, TX


Blackstone Steel, LLC is based in Cypress, TX, and is engaged in the distribution of carbon steel pipes, fittings, flanges, and valves used in the manufacturing, fabrication, construction, and energy industries.
We pride ourselves on answering the phone to meet your needs 24-7. This business does not sleep, and Blackstone Steel is here to meet that need. We do business the old fashion way, we do what we say, we are dependable, we are honest, we are fair, we are polite, and we take pride in our work. Every customer and inquiry is important to us, and will be treated as such.
Our goal is to be the only phone call you need for your piping needs. We promise to not "be in a meeting", and don’t use voicemail. Give us a call now... we’re working.